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how to increase your social media reach

Organic Reach has had a number of debates about whether it is dead or not. So I have an answer for you. Organic growth was never dead; it’s far from dead You just have to use the right techniques to reach your target audience. 

There are a lot of ways to get organic reach on social media:

  1. Optimize your social media page: We can optimize our social media account in 3 ways

  • Display image: we should use high resolution and closed picture when looking into the camera.

  • Profile name: profile name, mention the exact word that is your keyword so that anyone searching for something related to your keyword can find you easily.

  • Social media bio revamp: your bio should have one type of structure, like in the first line, where they should know why the hell they should follow you and what exactly you are doing here. And in the next line of your bio, you should mention your products and services. In the third line, you should mention your credibility and social proof of whether what you do is authentic or not. Last but not least, the last line should have call to action, which is very important to mention.

  1. Create killer content: There are two steps to creating killer content. 

  • research for content ideas with use of some AI apps to find most frequently asked questions for your niche and then convert them into your content idea. Next, find the most relatable topics for your niche audience, like those that are helpful, entertaining, or funny to them. 

  • Create content scripts for your post. Basically, we work in structure with hooks, processes, and actions. Creating hooks for content with a catchy title is easy, and in process, we can use Chatgpt or any other tool to create the script. In the script, we use pointers with precision.

  • Third and impotent call to action. Always make sure you end your post, reel, or anything else with call to action so that your target consumers can reach out to you immediately.

  1. Top-notch strategy: there are three major strategies to follow

  • Keyword content: use targeted keywords in your captions and hashtags for more reach.

  • Create a series on your expertise: Choose any practical topic in your niche, Chunk that topic into several parts with the same title but different content for example, social media hacks you don’t know, parts 1 to 10, etc. Share every part of the series every single week.


Remember, organic growth takes time and effort, so be patient and persistent in your approach.